Taxi in Larnaca

Larnaka Castle in Larnaca

Larnaca (or ancient Kition) is the third largest city in Cyprus after Nicosia and Limassol and it’s the main travel hub on the island since the main airport is located here. Larnaca is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, calm and warm sea and historical sites that are very popular with tourists.

Larnaca is a small, but busy city with bustling traffic and challenging parking, especially in the downtown area. Ordering a taxi in Larnaca with the CABCY app is easy: it will take you less than a minute to get the app and register. After that you are only 3 clicks away from booking your cab (get CABCY on AppStore or Google Play).

There are other perks to using the CABCY taxi booking app for ordering a taxi in Larnaca:

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Some of the must-see attractions in Larnaca are:

  • The Church of Saint Lazarus
    The Church dates back to the IX century. Saint Lazarus is the patron saint of Larnaca. He lived on the island for 30 years preaching Christianity. The place of his burial “larnax” in translation means “sarcophagus” or “coffin”, hence the name of the city.
  • Aliki Salt Lake
    The appearance of the lake is connected with the legend of Saint Lazarus, which says that this land was occupied by the vineyards. Walking past the vineyards and feeling thirsty Saint Lazarus asked the owners for one bunch of grapes to quench his thirst, but the people refused him. He got angry and cursed the land to be barren. The next day, instead of a fertile vineyard, people beheld a salt lake. In summer, the reservoir dries up completely and is covered with a crust of salt. In winter flocks of flamingos live on the lake attracting many sightseers, birdwatchers and photographers.
  • Medieval Castle of Larnaca (Larnaca Fort)
    Like many historical monuments, Larnaca Castle has undergone many changes and reconstructions. In the medieval ages Larnaca gained importance as one of the main ports of the Kingdom of Cyprus. The need to protect the city and the harbour resulted in the construction of the Larnaca Castle or Fort in the place of a small Byzantine fortification that was there previously. Currently the Castle located at the end of the Finikoudes beach houses a medieval museum.
  • Finikoudes beach
    It’s a small beach right in the center of Larnaca and is the heart of the city due to it’s wide busy promenade, lots of coffee shops, bars and restaurants and multitude of locals and tourists on the beach and along the seaside front.
  • Hala Sultan Tekke
    The mosque is located on the shores of the Salt Lake. Currently, there are no services in the mosque, but it is open for excursions. Hala Sultan Tekke comprises a complex of structures: residential buildings, a mausoleum and the mosque itself.
  • Kamares Aqueduct
    The aqueduct was built during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in Cyprus between the years of 1746 and 1750. It consists of 75 arches and is 10 km long. The water supply system was in operation until 1939, when the modern water supply system was constructed.

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