Taxi in Limassol

Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol is the cosmopolitan city of Cyprus and the second largest city on the island after Nicosia. It offers beachfront hotels, long seaside promenades, ancient monuments intertwined with modern architecture and artful graffiti, and of course, various culinary delights.

There are also various day trip opportunities in Limassol surroundings for various tastes: aquapark, zoo, picturesque beaches and adventure parks for families, wineries and authentic villages for the explorers of the local life and ancient castles and monuments for the lovers of history and architecture.

Moving around Limassol and surroundings in a taxi is a comfortable and affordable way to commute, especially considering difficulties in finding parking and traffic (taxi drivers usually know shortcuts to avoid traffic jams). You can get CABCY taxi app on your iPhone or Android device.

Using CABCY  you can book a taxi in Limassol in 3 simple steps without having to look for taxi office phone numbers or to call anyone.

Other advantages of ordering a cab in Limassol with CABCY are:

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  • You get a late model, comfortable clean car every time you book,
  • All CABCY drivers are licensed taxi drivers,
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What to see in Limassol:

  • Molos promenade
    Molos is a recently renovated seafront park that stretches along the seacoast of the city from the Municipal park to the Old City Port. There you will find lots of opportunities for stunning photos especially at sunset, modern monuments, fountains, playgrounds for children and cafes.
  • Limassol Marina
    Walking along the Molos promenade you will inevitably reach the Limassol Marina with it’s multitude of boats, variety of restaurants for all tastes, splendid sea views and luxury housing.
  • Limassol Castle
    While on the outside this Castle might not look impressive, it’s history definitely is. It was built during the French Period by the Lusignans, however in X-XI centuries this place was occupied by a Byzantine Fortress. This fortified complex has exchanged many hands and most recently part of the castle was used as a prison until the 1950s. After the rennovation the castle serves as the Cyprus Medieval Museum.
  • Kolossi Castle
    The Castle is located 15 km to the West of Limassol and probably is one of the most famous castles on the island since this is where the wedding ceremony of Richard the Lionheart and Berengaria of Navarre took place in 1191 after the King of England conquered Cyprus.
    The Castle represents the best traditions of the medieval military fortifications due to the width of its walls – more than 2.5 meters and height of its main tower – 22 meters.
  • Kurion
    Kurion is an absolute must-see and a pinnacle of your trip to Cyprus. With its striking location on a hill above Kurion beach and ancient architecture this archaeological park instantly transfers you to the times long gone. The history of Kurion dates back to XII century BC. Like many ancient monuments in Cyprus it underwent multiple transformations and archaeologists found traces of Aegean, Roman, Byzantine and early Medieval century structures there.

For your trips both within the Limassol and in the vicinity we recommend booking a cab through CABCY app, as public transport is still scarce and not always reliable or available and parking is increasingly difficult. Click the buttons below to download the app from the App Store or Google Play and book your taxi in Limassol in minutes.

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