Taxi in Nicosia

Nicosia, Cyprus, Faneromeni ChurchNicosia ( you will also see it written as Lefkosia (Cypriot version) and Lefkoşa (Turkish-Cypriot version) – is the capital of Cyprus and it’s also known as the University city due to several university campuses and vibrant student life. Nicosia is also one of the oldest capitals in the whole world and the only divided capital in Europe – part of it belongs to the Republic of Cyprus and part – to the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

Generally, tourists can visit both parts of Nicosia, however currently due to COVID-19 measures the crossing of the border is restricted.

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Booking a taxi in Nicosia through CABCY app is convenient for many reasons:

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While Nicosia doesn’t offer sea and beautiful beaches, it has a variety of attractions for tourists. It’s well preserved historical monuments from ancient times to modern days represent various cultures and religions appeal to those who are interested in history, architecture, archaeology and design. Foodies will satisfy their love for delicacies in tavernas and restaurants that offer delicious local food. Those who enjoy the excitement of a busy nightlife will quench their thirst for excellent drinks and socialising in the many bars across the center of Nicosia.

A must visit while you are in the capital of Cyprus are:

  • The Old Town of Nicosia, which is located within the Venetian walls. Start by walking through newly renovated Eleftheria (freedom) Square designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Satisfy your thirst for shopping or coffee with local sweets on the main shopping streets of the Old Town – Ledra and Onasagorou.
  • Faneromeni Square with Faneromeni church that dates back to 1300.
  • Ledra Museum and Observatory is located in one of the tallest buildings in Nicosia and its Observatory on the 11th floor provides excellent panoramic views of both parts of Nicosia.
  • Cyprus Museum contains the richest collection of archaeological finds on the island.
  • Famagusta Gate is the best-preserved of the three original gates of the Old City walls. The Gate was constructed in the Venetian style in 1567 and renovated in 1821.

The population of Nicosia is over 200 thousand inhabitants making it the biggest city on the island. As a modern city it offers a variety of ways to get around: walking, bicycles, scooters, cars, public transportation and taxis.

If you are not used to driving on the left side or waiting long times for a bus, choose CABCY app for a comfortable and easy way to move around Nicosia. CABCY is a Cyprus-based Uber style app through which you can book a taxi in Nicosia in minutes, ride in comfortable clean cars and pay official taxi rates by card or cash.

Using CABCY app you can also book a taxi in other places in Cyprus:

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