How to share your taxi ride details in the CABCY app

There are multiple benefits of using ride hailing apps like CABCY:

  • It’s always with you since it’s in your phone and a taxi can be booked in 3 easy steps. No need to search for or remember phone numbers of the drivers or taxi offices,
  • The app is based on satellite maps, so no need for lengthy explanations where your address is and where you are going. Also, less misunderstanding and mistakes,
  • You can prebook your airport transfer for specific date and time of your trip,
  • You choose how to pay for your ride: cash, card or in-app wallet.

In addition to the above, you can also share your trip details with your relative or friend when they want peace of mind that you’ve arrived safely to your destination or, perhaps you sent a parcel with a taxi driver and want to share with someone the status of its delivery.

So, how to share your ride details with a friend or family?

The option to share the link to your trip is available from the moment the ride is in status “Accepted”.

Here is where you can find the link:

Link to how to share taxi ride information with your friend or family

You’ve got two options for sharing the link:

  1. Copy the link and send it any way you prefer,
  2. Share it via the app within options prompted by your phone:


This shows how to share the link with the ride information in the CABCY ride hailing app

The person with whom you shared the link can open it in a browser and see the same trip data as in your app, minus the pricing information. The link is available for 24 hours after the trip completion. After that it expires.

The link to share the trip info can be generated in the:
Customer app
Web app

The link with access to the trip details can be shared with as many users as you need. The party with whom you shared the link can also send it to other recipients.

Stay safe and enjoy riding with CABCY!